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ATTENTION: In the next few minutes I’m going to pretty much offend every stuck-in-their-ways old school soccer coach in the country...

…but I don’t care. You need to hear this…

"Old-Fashioned" Soccer Drills Are DEAD!!

Ok, maybe they’re not "DEAD"…
…but they should be!

And they are also the BIGGEST reason that new (and old) soccer coaches FAIL!

Here’s why…

  • First, kids HATE waiting in line for their turn to play with the ball.

  • Second, drills are boring, mundane, and best reserved for the military, not the soccer field.

  • And third, at best most drills only work on one specific skill…and even that’s being generous

Notice the bored expressions!

Dear Soccer Coach,

What’s the first question your players (especially young ones) ask when practice starts?

How about…"Coach, are we gonna scrimmage today?"


Kids want to PLAY soccer!

They don’t want to run through repetitive, mind-numbing soccer drills… And I’m not the only one saying this…

In fact, the latest coaching material from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) states:

"Coaches can often be more helpful to a young player’s development by organizing less, saying less and allowing the players to do more. Set up a game and let the kids play."

Nobody has this philosophy down better than the Brazilians. They have produced some of the greatest players ever… Does the name Pele ring a bell?

Or how about current superstars like:

  • Kaká
  • Robinho
  • Dani Alves
  • Júlio César
  • Maicon …

And of course Ronaldinho, Neymar and Pato.

As of 2009 there were over 600 Brazilian professionals playing in European Leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, and the Bundesliga in Germany. That’s a huge number!

…And that doesn’t include all the pros playing in the EXTREMELY competitive professional leagues (Campeonato Brasileiro) in Brazil itself!

Obviously they are doing something right.

I would say without question, that their youth soccer coaches are doing A LOT of things right.

"What Can We Learn From the Coaching Methods of Countries like Brazil, the Netherlands and Spain?"

First of all, I have to admit that these countries do have some built in advantages. For example, Brazilian children can be seen with a ball at their feet no matter what the field conditions. They are constantly playing the "beautiful game".

This unsupervised, uninterrupted play gives the players a HUGE jump on developing creativity, imagination and technical skill.

All on their own and without a coach in sight!

Now take the United States. We have beautiful facilities, top of the line equipment, plenty of funds for our soccer programs… …yet very few players that play with imagination, bravery, flair, or a real understanding of the game.

Granted, many of our best athletes go where the money is: football, basketball & baseball.

However, there are still over 3,000,000 soccer players registered with US Youth Soccer.

Given that the Netherlands (World Cup finalists in 2010) has only a TOTAL population of 16 million, the number of youth soccer players in the United States is GIGANTIC!

Let’s take a look at how these 3 million players break down:

  • 18-19 year olds – 3%
  • 15-17 year olds – 12%
  • 10-14 year olds – 48%
  • Under 10 – 37%

…a whopping 85% of our players are under the age of 14.

"We Are Losing the Vast Majority of Our Soccer Players By the Time They Become Teenagers!"

But WHY?!!!?

The reason brings us full circle to the statement I made at the beginning of this page about soccer drills…

Too many players are subjected to uninspiring practices led by well-meaning, but largely uninformed coaches.

The players aren’t having any FUN…

They aren’t getting any BETTER…

…So they leave for other sports or quit athletics entirely.

Most coaches lack a foundation in the game, so they simply regurgitate drills, focus on fitness over technique, and stress results (i.e. winning) over teaching the kids how to play.

Go watch a typical YMCA soccer game and listen to all of the screaming from BOTH parents and coaches that have NOTHING to do with the actual playing of the game.

The result…

The players get burned out, disinterested and quit the game at an early age!

On the other extreme we have coaches that played at a very high level as players.

Believe it or not, many of these coaches experience just as many if not MORE problems than coaches with no playing background. Often these players are just naturally talented at the game.

So they struggle trying to break the game down into easily digestible chunks.

In addition, they usually try to run drills with players that are not age appropriate.

The result…

The players get frustrated, disillusioned and quit the game at an early age!

"So what can you do to help your kids improve, have fun, and STICK with the game of soccer?"

Well, pay attention because in the next couple of minutes I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what you can do to dramatically increase the effectiveness and fun factor of your training sessions…

Okay, are you ready?

Here’s the "Big Coaching Secret" behind the success of the great soccer nations I mentioned before...

I call it…

"Holistic Soccer Training"

I know, you are probably scratching your head right now, asking yourself "What the heck does he mean by Holistic Soccer Training?"

To understand what I mean by Holistic Soccer Training, it is first necessary that you are familiar with the 4 Pillars of Soccer:

Pillar #1 is Physical

This includes fitness, speed, agility and power.

Players in the United States are known for being extremely strong in this area.

Pillar #2 is Psychological

This includes a player’s personality, confidence, self-belief and persistence.

Anyone who watched the 2010 World Cup saw how much resiliency the U.S. National team displayed to constantly come from behind.

Pillar #3 is Technical

This includes all of the different skills a player must master: receiving, passing, finishing, and dribbling.

Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands and Argentina all exhibit enormous technical proficiency. Players in the U.S. as a whole are NOT on this level.

Pillar #4 is Tactical

This includes organization, off the ball runs, support, defensive shape and creativity in the final third.

Just watch Germany play if you want to see a team that is tactically very sound. The U.S. National Team is well-organized, but sorely lacking in imagination.

"Holistic Soccer Training" develops players that are highly proficient in ALL 4 pillars of soccer…

…and in less time than traditional training methods!

Why is time such an important factor?

Well, because of our country’s soccer culture, our players spend less time playing on their own than in other countries.

Statistics show that it takes 1500 hours of play each year to become an elite soccer player

…That’s almost 4 hours per day!

That doesn’t mean 4 hours of structured training per day. Only SOME of this time is under adult supervision. The rest should just be kids kicking a ball against a wall, juggling, or playing pick up games in the park.

As coaches, most of us are lucky to have our teams playing soccer 4 hours per week, much less 4 hours per day.

So you have to be extremely economical with your coaching sessions.

"Holistic Soccer Training" allows you to do just that.

The activities in these sessions quickly get your players into situations that directly resemble the game of soccer.

And because these activities relate so closely to actual games, their minds your kids are PLAYING soccer!

Your players will stay FULLY engaged while working on the technical, tactical, physical and psychological elements of the game.

Your team becomes stronger than the sum of its parts (the 4 pillars), hence the name "Holistic Soccer Training."



So by now you should understand the importance of "Holistic Soccer Training."

Simply said, it puts your team in an environment that fosters creativity, imagination, and game intelligence…

And motivated players improve faster!

"Now I want to give you a chance to get on this side of the coaching fence with me"

Running FUN yet economical sessions, seeing faster player development, and enjoying coaching more than ever before!

But first, I want to introduce to you a very close friend of mine, Sheldon Cipriani or "Coach Cip".

Coach Cip is a USSF "A" Licensed coach, former national team player for Trinidad & Tobago, Director of Coaching for a Florida soccer club, and part of the Florida ODP Staff, but most important of all…

…Cip is an absolute GURU when it comes to player development.

Together, we have created an easy to understand program called "Ciplified Soccer 2.0" that will make you an expert at this new method of coaching…

Here’s what it looks like…

(your actual product will be delivered in instant download form,
but I wanted you to have a visual of the scope of this product)

Here’s what you’ll get when you access "Ciplified Soccer 2.0"

First, we’ll walk you through the characteristics of players within the 8-14 year old age range.

You can’t coach an 8 year old the same as a 12 year old. They have totally different skill sets and maturity levels.

We’ll explain not only how they differ, but show you what you should be teaching each age group.

We will also warn you what NOT to do (like frustrating your players with activities that are either too hard, or too easy)

We cover topics such as…

  • The difference between a possession dribble and a speed dribble
  • Learning to pass and receive on the move
  • Playing appropriate crosses based on the situation
  • Teaching proper finishing technique

Plus more advanced topics such as…

  • Collective defending concepts of pressure, cover, balance
  • Keeping the ball for prolonged periods of time (possession)
  • Switching the point of attack
  • Combination play in the final third…

Second, you’ll get Cip’s proven 3-step practice formula.

You’ll learn to easily design training sessions full of activities that closely resemble the game of soccer, while still giving your players the repetitions they need to master each skill.

All with no lines, no lectures, and plenty of fun.

Third, we’ll give you our 6-part breakdown on "How to Coach a Training Session"

By the way, there is a HUGE difference between coaching a practice session, and simply managing one…

…not knowing the difference is one of the BIGGEST mistakes coaches make!

Cip will answer critical questions like…

  • When should I freeze a session?
  • How do I add keepers to my practices?
  • Should the coach play in the session?
  • How do I use Neutral players?


What can I do to increase the intensity of my practices?

But that’s not all…

"Cip has put together a complete series of practice sessions to get you started"

These sessions give you comprehensive details on how to run economical, holistic, and fun practices working on skills such as:

Ball Control, Passing & Receiving, Finishing, Crossing, and Defending…

Each session breakdown includes pictures, diagrams and animated sequences designed to make them easy to follow and reproduce.

In short…

He gives you everything he would give his own mom if she needed to run a soccer practice.

So how much would you expect to pay for a system like this that is sure to dramatically improve the skills of your players and keep them playing the game long term?

Before you answer, hold on because there’s more…

Once your players become proficient with the skills and tactics introduced in Cip’s session breakdowns…

…it’s time to take them to the next level!

"Cip is also including his series of 'Level 2' holistic practice sessions"

These provide more advanced training in Ball Control, Dribbling & Finishing, while adding new sessions on Possession & Collective Defending.

You will have an entire season’s worth of practice sessions right at your fingertips.

I’ll say that again in case you missed it…

With "Ciplified Soccer 2.0" you receive an entire season’s worth of training sessions.

I’m talking about real quality sessions NOT a bunch of regurgitated drills.

  • When it comes to soccer training, quality is key.
  • Having just a big book of drills DOESN’T make you a good coach.

Now how much would you expect to pay for a system like this…?

"Learn the Best Formations & Tactics for 6v6, 8v8 and 11v11 Games"

Because I know many of you may be coaching for the first time (or moving up in age group)

Cip is including his favorite formations and tips on positioning your players for 6v6, 8v8 and 11v11 soccer.

There is a "hidden" sequence to how you align your players at 6v6 and 8v8 that prepares them for 11v11 play later down the road…

We’ll let you in on the secret!

Here's the Full Table of Contents for the Ciplified Soccer 2.0 Course:

Table of Contents


  • A Word from Coach Cip – Please Read First!

Module 1 - Building a Solid Foundation

  • Player Characteristics
  • What Should You Be Teaching Younger Players?
  • What Should You Be Teaching Advanced Players?

Module 2 - Building a Training Session

  • Phases for Training, Utilization of Equipment & Team Management - Younger Players
  • Phases of Development & Key Coaching Points – Advanced Players
  • Session Length & Frequency of Training
  • How to Design a Training Session

Module 3 - How to Coach a Training Session

  • Coaching a Training Session
  • Freezing Sessions
  • Using Goalkeepers in Training Sessions
  • Should the Coach Play in Sessions?
  • Playing with a Neutral Player
  • Increasing Intensity & Speed of Play

Module 4 - Level 1 Practice Sessions

  • Ball Control
  • Passing/Receiving
  • Finishing
  • Crossing
  • Defending

Module 5 - Level 2 Practice Sessions

  • Ball Control
  • Dribbling
  • Possession
  • Finishing/Crossing
  • Individual & Small Group Defending

Module 6 - Technical Skill Demonstrations

  • Passing With All Surfaces
  • Receiving On the Ground
  • Receiving Out of the Air
  • Dribbling Moves
  • Shooting/Finishing

Module 7 - Recommended Formations & Position Characteristics

  • 6 v 6
  • 8 v 8
  • 11 v 11

Original Product Bonuses

  • Dynamic Warm Up/Cool Down Routine
  • ACL Prevention Exercises
  • How to Play Soccer Tennis/Volleyball
  • 11 Games Your Kids Will Love!

But What About Coaching Courses from USSF, NSCAA, AYSO, etc.?

Including travel, hotel expenses and course fees it costs approximately $800 to attend the F, E & D Coaching Courses in the state of Florida.

The cost is pretty similar in other states around the country.

Having attended all of these courses and more, Cip can tell you that the information covered in "Ciplified Soccer 2.0" is far more valuable and comprehensive.

And he should know since he’s taught all of these courses in the state of Florida as well!

Even though this is the case…

…you still won’t pay $800

Not $500

Not even $200

You get everything:

  • Age Specific Characteristics Module
  • Cip’s Proven 3-Step Practice Formula
  • 6-Part Series on "How to Coach a Session"
  • Level 1 Training Sessions
  • Level 2 Advanced Training Sessions
  • Formations & Positioning for 6v6, 8v8 & 11v11

AND just for trying "Ciplified Soccer 2.0 ", I’m going to give you 4 special bonuses as my FREE gift…

I know that you want to get started but you might just need that extra push to get you off your duff so I have put together 4 ethical bribes that are so good you would have to be crazy not to act now.

Bribe #1 - Our Dynamic Warm Up/Cool Down Routine - to prevent long term injuries and keep your players in peak playing condition all season long, it is critical that you put them through a quality warm up routine each and every day they train.

Bribe #2 - ACL Prevention Exercises - these are critical for your female players (and guys get a lot of benefit out of them as well. Because of their hip structure, female players are much more susceptible to ACL tears. These exercises will help keep them strong and in good repair.

Bribe #3 - Refining Your Skills with Soccer Tennis - this easy to set up game is loads of fun, but more importantly will sharpen your players' touch on the ball, improve their juggling, and help them communicate better.

Bribe #4 - 11 Change of Pace Games Your Players Will Love! Sometimes you just need to have a little bit of fun. Even older players love these as a change of pace after a tough tournament weekend. Each one continues to develop skills while providing plenty of enjoyment.

Plus We'll Give You These Awesome
Exclusive Bonuses

BONUS #1: 12 Part Q&A Series with USSF "A" Licensed Coach Sheldon Cipriani.

  • Motivating Players vs. Superior Opposition
  • Coaching Philosophy for Young Players
  • Improving Your "B" Team Player
  • Improving Your Players' Technical Skills
  • Keeping Your Players Interested
  • What to Do When Some Players Just Don't Get It
  • Young Players and Position
  • Getting U9 Players to Pass
  • Changing Bad Player Habits
  • Following Lesson Plans vs. Learning to Coach
  • When to Correct Players
  • Bridging the Gap Between Small Sided & 11v11 Games

BONUS #2: 6 Part Soccer "Video Classroom" Series

  • The Offside Rule Video
  • Advanced Finishing Activities
  • Build Up Play to Finishing Activities
  • Target Player Activities
  • Activities for Compact Defending
  • Transition & Combination Play Activities

BONUS #3: Large Group Skills Training Sessions

  • Works for Groups of 3 or 30
  • Great for Special "Skill Development Days"
  • Perfect for Backyard Training
  • First Touch Activities
  • Ball Manipulation
  • Passing/Receiving
  • Volleys
  • Partner Juggling

You Get Everything For Only $47

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Best Regards,

Bert Ingley
Ultimate Soccer Coaching

P.S. Remember, we are losing soccer players by the droves every single year. If you don’t take responsibility to change the way you coach, who will?

P.P.S. Why wait to get started when you could literally access this entire system today and be implementing brand new practice sessions tomorrow?

The holistic method of coaching is a proven winner and all the big soccer nations are using it.

Now it’s your turn!


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