Soccer Speed Ladder Drills

The Soccer Speed Ladder is one of the best speed and agility speed training tools out there. A good agility ladder is worth its weight in gold.

You can use an agility ladder as a tool for warming up, or as a way to work on your change of direction and explosive power.

Here’s a couple of soccer specific drills you can use with a speed ladder.

In & Out Ladder Drills

Start with your feet together. Hop into the first rung with your feet together. Take the second rung by jumping with your feet to either side of the ladder. Then go back in again with two feet and back out with two feet. Continue this movement all the way down the ladder.

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1-2 Step Ladder Drill

Start with both feet together at the end of the ladder. Jump and land with your left foot inside the first run. Jump and land with both feet inside the ladder. Jump and land on your right foot, then to the next rung with both feet. Repeat!

Lateral Hop

Start with both feet together on the outside of the ladder. Take a lateral hop to the right. Land and take another hop to the next rung. Continue down the length of the ladder.

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