Soccer Shooting Drills

1 vs. 1 Finishing Drill

Split the team up into two lines near the top of the penalty box. The game starts with 1 player standing at the top of the D. The Keeper throws the ball out to this player who has 5 seconds to beat the keeper and put the ball into the net.

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Whichever team had more goals after 5 minutes wins. You can give extra points for players that finish with their non-dominant foot.

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3 vs. 3 Scoring Drill

The game is played three vs. three with two goalkeepers added. Each team stays in their own half of the field. The keeper serves the ball to one player who either shoots or sets up another player to shoot.

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The defending team will attempt to block the shots. If the ball goes out then the goal keeper serves a new ball.

The Shooting Game

This one is known by my team simply as “The Shooting Game.” Split your players up into two team. Have each team line up at an opposite corner of the goal with plenty of balls.

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On your command the players go one by one to shoot on goal. They must shoot by the time they reach a center dividing line of cones. Shots taken past the cones don’t count. The next player in line cannot go until the player in front of him has shot. Play to 10 goals.

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