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This 3-part DVD series is a further development of the Coerver Coaching method, widely regarded as the World's Number One Soccer Skills Teaching Method.

There are skills, drills and games showing how, when and where to use such skills. Included in this series are change of direction moves, stops and starts, feints, plus incorporating speed to skills by way of further drills and games.

This DVD series should be used as an integral aid for all youth football coaches and teacher sessions/lesson planning, while also suitable for enthusiastic players to practice on their own.


  • DVD 1 - Change of Direction and Stop and Starts
  • DVD 2 - Feints
  • DVD 3 - Adding Speed to Skills
For more info about the Make Your Move series click here

Soccer Dribbling Moves

Scissors/Step Over

The objective of this move is to simulate a change of direction to the outside. Start by dribbling forward, plant your right foot to the outside of the ball and swing your left leg around the front of the ball in a counterclockwise direction. Your foot will go from the right side of the ball to the outside (left) side of the ball. Plant your left foot and use the outside of your right foot to accelerate away from the defender.

Be sure to use your upper body to sell the fake. Use your shoulder drop to get the defender leaning the wrong way. You can perform multiple quick step overs while going right at your opponent to try to throw him off balance.

Step Over/Reverse Scissors

Like the scissor move, the objective here is to simulate a change of direction, but this time to the inside. Start by dribbling forward, plant your left foot behind and the the left of the ball. Swing your right leg over or around the ball from the outside right to the inside left of the ball.

Push off your left foot and take the ball with the outside of the right foot. Accelerate away from the defender quickly. You can use this move with a defender on your back to perform a 180 change of direction.

Pull Back

Start this move with the ball between your feet. Perform a fake to the top of the ball in a kicking motion, but stop it with your cleats on the top of the ball. Use your foot to pull the ball back to get it rolling towards you.

This move is one of the easiest to teach to young players. Be sure to only use it in the attacking third of the field. If used in your penalty area against an alert forward, you could give up an easy shot opportunity.


You start the Chop move by dribbling forward. Touch the ball forward and plant your left foot as you would when shooting. Wind up with your right leg and opposite arm as if you are going to shoot or cross the ball. Instead of completing the shooting motion, chop your left down and cut the ball across your body with the inside of your right foot.

You will want to be sure to make a very sharp cut to avoid the defender and initiate the quick change of direction.

Stop and Go

The Stop and Go is a change of pace move. You want to force your defender to hesitate so that you can blow right by him.

Begin by dribbling the soccer ball quickly in a straight line.

Quickly put the sole of your foot on the top of the ball to stop it. Roll it forward and accelerate away from your defender. You can also use your instep to start the dribble again.

There is another variation where you hop on the ball with one foot while toe poking it forward with your other foot. This move is much tougher to pull off, but it is a very effective fake.


You will need to perform this move from a stationary position. Start with the ball in front of your left foot with your right foot on top of it. Pull the ball back so that it is right underneath your right hip. Quickly pivot your hips and push the ball with the inside of your right foot towards 2 o'clock. The ball should follow a V like path.

This move is most effective if your defender lunges or stabs at the ball right before you perform your pull back.