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This 3-part DVD series is a further development of the Coerver Coaching method, widely regarded as the World's Number One Soccer Skills Teaching Method.

There are skills, drills and games showing how, when and where to use such skills. Included in this series are change of direction moves, stops and starts, feints, plus incorporating speed to skills by way of further drills and games.

This DVD series should be used as an integral aid for all youth football coaches and teacher sessions/lesson planning, while also suitable for enthusiastic players to practice on their own.


  • DVD 1 - Change of Direction and Stop and Starts
  • DVD 2 - Feints
  • DVD 3 - Adding Speed to Skills
For more info about the Make Your Move series click here

Cool Soccer Tricks & Flicks

Foot stall

The foot stall soccer trick is simply balancing the soccer ball on your foot. This move is the starting place for a number of other tricks, besides the fact that it looks cool all on its own. To practice this soccer trick, follow these steps.
  • Start with a soccer ball on your foot. Usually the best spot is in the center of the foot.
  • Once you have it stable, balance it for as long as you can. When you begin to lose control, flick it up and catch it.
  • Repeat this process until it becomes familiar and comfortable. The next step is to work on dropping the ball from waist height and catching it with your foot.
  • Be sure to practice both feet. You will be glad you did as you get older.
Other variations include stalling the ball on your knee or behind your neck.

Around The World

This cool soccer trick gets its name because it looks like your foot rotates all the way around the ball. Ronaldinho made this trick famous in a 2002 Nike commercial and it has become a benchmark move of soccer freestylers everywhere. It is definitely one of the coolest soccer tricks.

  • Start with the ball on the foot just like you are doing a foot stall. You can practice the around the world motion a couple of times before you do this.

  • Lift your foot slightly and give it a little flick as it comes off the top of your foot.

  • Rotate your foot around the ball as you begin to lift it.

  • Complete your 360 degree revolution with either another foot stall or simply kick it back up and start juggling. The main thing you are shooting for is to keep it from hitting the ground.


Pancake tricks are performed by planting your foot and allowing the ball to simply rebound off your planted leg. You can pancake off the top of your foot, use the outside of your foot, back of your heel, etc.

This is a pretty simple trick to master, but looks cool when you pull it off during the middle of a juggling routine.


In soccer, the rabona is a method of kicking the a soccer ball where you wrap the kicking leg behind the back of your standing leg. In effect you kick the ball with your legs crossed.

There are several situations where this soccer trick can be useful. If you are moving to your left as a right footed striker, you may feel that you get more power and accuracy using this method for a close in shot.

If you are a right footed winger blasting down the left side of the field, you can use the rabona to cross the ball into the box without having to turn. This move can be used to get your cross in without having it knocked down by a defender.

The other situation for use is just when you want to show off your skills and abilities a bit. This is a tough trick to master and is always a show stopper.