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Blast The Ball

Soccer Shooting Techniques

The top scorers in soccer tend to be opportunistic players. Not only do you have to use proper form and kicking technique, but you need to scope out those small windows to get your shot off. As you advance to more competitive levels of soccer, these windows of opportunity shrink as defenders will take up space quickly.

Having played keeper, I can tell you that some of the toughest shots to defend are ones that have been bent around a defender. I'm constantly yelling at my defenders to close out shots so that they don't leave room for strikers to work the ball around them while the defender blocks by vision.

Deflections are also a nightmare for keepers. Don't be afraid to take a good whack at the ball even if you see only the slightest opening. Deflections will wrong foot keepers and quite often a redirected shot finds the back of the net.

Early in the match it is a good idea to show your willingness to strike even with only a small chance of success. Once the defense knows that you'll take an open chance from anywhere, they will madly rush you to try to close out your shoot. This is the perfect time to throw in a fake shot or use a Cruyff turn to get into more space for you strike.

Finishing Tips

If you watch a lot of soccer, you will notice that a good majority of the goals come from very simple inside of the foot shots from within the penalty area. Lock your ankle and redirect the ball into the back of the net. Make sure that you always follow through on the shot. You don't need to blast it with the inside of your foot, but you want enough pace on it to beat the keeper.

Remember, when you get close to the goal and especially inside of the 6 yard box, any kind of touch that you can put the ball in with is a good touch. Stretching toe pokes, balls hit off your knee, back of the heel and quick outside of the foot slashes are all acceptable as long as they put the ball into the net.

As a general rule, make it your aim to get the shots on goal as low as possible. This way deflections still have a chance of dropping in. When in doubt aim for the back post and hope that one of your strikers will "frame the post" by getting on the back post of the goal. This gives you a wider striking area that still could result in a goal. Low shots from close in are also much tougher for keepers to get down on.

When striking from outside of the area, go for maximum power and swerve. With the way balls move and knuckle nowadays, shots with little or no spin are a real nightmare for keepers. Some of the advantages of the outside blast are:

  • You have a good chance of putting it directly in as defenders and attackers will often shield the ball and block the goalkeeper's vision.

  • A powerful rip on goal has a good chance of being deflected in.

  • A powerful shot is much more difficult for a keeper to make a clean catch on . Typically he will have to simple parry the shot which leaves it in play for another striker to pounce on and finish.
If you are looking for help and want to develop a powerful soccer shot that is deadly accurate, look no further than the Blast the Ball DVD. I've seen a lot of shooting videos in my years as a coach and player and this one is the best by far.