Soccer Fitness and Conditioning

At the end of the day, your level of fitness will dictate how effectively you can apply your skill on the soccer field.

Even some of the soccer’s greatest players like Ronaldo (Brazil) & Ronaldinho have struggled a bit when they weren’t at peak fitness.

If you’ve played soccer at any level, then you have felt the frustration of going totally jelly-legged after busting a couple of full own sprints down the field.

The better your conditioning, the better you will be able to perform. Teams that follow a quality structured conditioning program will have a huge competitive edge. I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day who won two State Championships at his Florida High School. His coach was a fanatic about their fitness and he said that they won a ton of games by scoring in the last 10 minutes of the match.

He owed it all to the fitness regime his coach put them through.

At every level of soccer you run into players that are a bit lacking in the skill department, but whose physical condition and training make them very effective. There is little substitute for soccer skill, but with hard work and a good plan you can make sure that you never lose because of fitness. Soccer Fitness will show you how to become a stronger, faster, fitter, more consistent player.

Total Soccer Fitness and Total Soccer Fitness for Juniors were written and developed by Phil Davies. Phil has a first class honours degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He has worked with hundreds of soccer players of all ages and abilities from children as young as 6 to collegiate players, semi-professional and professional players.

Phil co-wrote the ICA’s Soccer Fitness Course for Coaches and has coaching awards from the English FA. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer, a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Having implemented this program for my own team, I can personally attest to how effective it has been in getting our players to perform at their personal best level.

I’ve included the table of contents for this guide below so you can see how comprehensive it is:

Aerobic & anaerobic endurance conditioning

  • Energy systems in soccer
    • The aerobic energy system
    • The anaerobic energy system
  • 1.2 Aerobic endurance conditioning
    • The five key principles of training
    • Continuous & interval training for soccer
    • Sample continuous training drills
    • Sample interval training drills
    • Recovery training
    • Cross training (for the off season)
  • Anaerobic endurance conditioning
    • Sample anaerobic endurance drills
  • The annual soccer endurance program

Strength & power conditioning

  • The different types of strength in soccer
    • Concentric strength
    • Eccentric strength
    • Isometric strength
    • Maximal & relative strength
    • Strength endurance
    • 2Explosive power
  • The four kinds of strength conditioning in soccer
  • The periodization of volume & intensity
  • Foundational strength conditioning
    • How to select the correct load
    • When does foundational strength conditioning occur?
    • Avoiding over-training
    • Foundational strength training basics
    • Sample foundational strength programs
  • Maximal strength conditioning
    • Keep sets, repetitions & exercises to a minimum
    • The speed of lifts
    • It’s not the same as bodybuilding!
    • When does maximal strength conditioning occur?
    • Maximal strength training basics
    • Sample maximal strength programs
  • Strength endurance conditioning
    • Circuit training for soccer
    • Keep exercises soccer-specific
    • The speed of exercises
    • When does strength endurance conditioning occur?
    • Strength endurance training basics
    • Sample strength endurance programs
  • Explosive power conditioning
    • Plyometrics… the bridge between strength & speed
    • Different plyometric exercises…different intensities
    • When does explosive power conditioning occur?
    • Plyometrics guidelines
    • Sample explosive power programs
  • The annual soccer strength program

Speed & agility conditioning

  • How to increase your speed
    • Make speed & agility training soccer-specific
  • SAQ conditioning
    • Sample soccer speed drills
    • Sample agility & quickness drills
  • The annual speed & agility program

Flexibility conditioning

  • The different types of flexibility
    • Dynamic flexibility
    • Static-active flexibility
    • Static-passive flexibility
  • Different types of stretching
    • Dynamic stretching
    • Static-passive stretching
  • Stretching for soccer
    • General stretching guidelines
    • Sample static stretching routine
    • Sample dynamic stretching routine

Warming up & cooling down

  • Warming up for soccer
    • To stretch or not to stretch?
    • General warm up guidelines
    • Sample pre-match warm up routine
  • Cooling down
    • General cool down guidelines
    • Sample cool down routine

Testing soccer fitness

  • Fitness testing guidelines
    • When is the best time to fitness test?
  • Aerobic endurance testing
    • VO2max – A soccer player’s aerobic power
    • Aerobic endurance tests for soccer
  • Strength testing
    • Maximal strength tests for soccer
    • Strength endurance test for soccer
    • Explosive power tests for soccer
  • Speed & agility testing
    • Speed tests for soccer
    • Agility tests for soccer
    • Speed endurance tests for soccer
  • Flexibility testing
    • Flexibility test for soccer
  • A sample soccer fitness test battery

Planning your soccer conditioning program

  • The conditioning phases of a soccer season
    • Closed season conditioning
    • Early pre-season conditioning
    • Late pre-season conditioning
    • In season conditioning
    • Weekly conditioning guidelines
  • Sample soccer conditioning programs
    • Closed season programs
    • Early pre-season programs
    • Late pre-season programs
    • In season programs
  • A step-by-step guide to developing the total soccer conditioning program
  • Starting midway through the season

So check out Total Soccer Fitness and take your team to never before seen levels of strength, speed, agility & endurance!

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