Soccer Fitness and Conditioning Drills

There are a ton of different drills and exercises that you can use to get our soccer team into fighting shape. I’ve posted a couple of my favorites below:

3 vs. 3 Possession Game

Mark out a 25×25 yard grid. Split players up into two teams of three players each. One team starts with possession and strives to keep it for as long as possible. Possession is surrendered if the ball is intercepted or is knocked out of the grid. You can award a goal for every 6 passes in a row. 20 minutes of this will have your team dripping with sweat!

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Triangle Run

Mark out a triangular grid with approximately 20 yards between each cone. You can mark out other shapes as well: rectangles, squares, stars, etc. On your command the players will dribble the ball around the cones for 5 minutes. Make sure the players at each grid stagger their starts so that they don’t run into each other.

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Penalty Spot Run

Using the penalty area as your grid. Start at the penalty spot. Quickly sprint to one corner of the box and back to the spot. Sprint to the next corner and back. Continue to all 4 corners. Rest and repeat a total of 5 times.

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Downhill Sprints

Running down hill is a great way to develop leg speed and running coordination. Find a hill that is steep enough to force you to run all out, but not so steep that you feel the need to slow yourself down to keep control. Walk back up to the top and start your sprint again.

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Uphill Sprints

Uphill sprints will help you develop power. NFL All-Time leading rusher Emmitt Smith was a big proponent of hill springs. Beach runs in soft sand are also really good for developing acceleration. Make 10 yard sprints with plenty of rest in between.

Sprint Lateral Shuffle

Set up a series of cones in a staircase fashion. Starting at the first cone, sprint forwards to the second cone. Shuffle step to the third cone, then sprint to the fourth cone. Side shuffle to the fifth cone, etc.

Repeat in the other direction so that you use a different foot as your lead on your shuffle.

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