Soccer Drills – Technical Relay 1

Kids get bored very quickly when performing repetitions of technical work. For young players, they need reps, so it is up to you to make things more exciting for them. Relay races that involve different types of technical work are one way to get the reps in while you keep the kids attention.

Start out with two cones 20 yards apart. Line a third cone up between these two, but closer to the furthest end. Set up 2-3 lines of players (5 per line is a good number).

Soccer Drills - Technical Relay #1

With this set up you can perform three different types of relay (the options are limitless, be creative!)

  1. Players will speed dribble around the farthest cone, then pass the ball back to a teammate when they reach the middle cone.
  2. Speed dribble to the middle cone, turn and come back to the beginning. Speed dribble to the far cone, round it, then pass the ball back.
  3. Speed dribble to the middle cone, circle the middle cone with quick touches, round the far cone and speed dribble back to the start.
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