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It’s not a secret that players need fresh drills and activities to stay motivated. Since nothing separates a great training session from a worthless practice more than the activities you choose, getting your hands on new highly-effective soccer practice sessions in an easy print-and-go format can provide you with a huge advantage.

Hi, I’m Bert Ingley…

I’ve been playing and coaching soccer for over 30 years. My coaching partner, Sheldon Cipriani (Coach Cip) is a USSF ‘A’ Licensed Coach and has served as an ODP Staff Coach and Director of Coaching for the last 10 years. Together we’ve coached literally thousands of training sessions with just about every level of player imaginable, from beginners to seasoned collegiate athletes.

Over the years, we’ve watched soccer coaching continue to evolve; we’ve witnessed great practices, and we’ve seen some real train wrecks. The problem almost always stem from the same issue…

…poorly designed training sessions.

A Soccer Drills and Practice Sessions System Unlike Any Other…

Soccer SessionThe #1 question from the thousands of coaches that receive our coaching newsletter is, “What kind of drills should I be running in my soccer practices?”

You’ve probably noticed there are literally hundreds of soccer sites and books on the market. Not only is the amount of available information overwhelming, but a large portion of the material is either sheer hype or is full of poorly designed, boring drills that don’t transfer to the actual game of soccer.

Developing quality soccer players has nothing to do with “bulletproof” formation or “magic” tactics and strategies. It’s the small focused steps you take each week that create creative and intelligent soccer players. But you have to know the right steps.

So, based on the absolutely most effective activities and sessions Coach Cip and I have seen and run over the years, we’ve compiled our “best of the best” soccer activities and sessions and broken them down into an easy-to-digest system.

Here’s how it works…

Every week you’ll receive a brand new complete soccer training session. Each session includes set-up diagrams and easy-to-implement coaching points. And the practices are 100% functional – meaning you will see the activities transfer to game day.

Coach Cip and I will literally open up our private coaching notebook and share with you the very same practice sessions we use each and every day with our own players.

Here’s what sets Ultimate Soccer Sessions apart from the rest:

  • All sessions are designed by a USSF ‘A’ Licensed Coach, not an inexperienced “expert” coach.
  • Ultimate Soccer Sessions are functional in nature, meaning the activities will transfer directly to results in the game.
  • Each session includes step-by-step coaching points so you will know what corrections to make to maximize the effect of each practice.
  • New sessions are delivered each week to keep your players motivated and excited about coming to practice (no small thing!).
  • The soccer activities you receive will be constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends in coaching.
  • And so much more…

Here’s the deal…

The Ultimate Soccer Sessions service costs just $4.95 per month!

Every week, using our convenient print-and-go format, you’ll receive a new practice session that not only keeps your players enthusiastic but develops highly effective skills that transfer to actual game day play.

And since there’s no contract required, you can cancel anytime.

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