Rondos, Rondos, Rondos – Warming Up Barcelona Style

Ever wonder why Barcelona is so proficient with their passing in tight spaces? A basic exercise called El Rondo (the round) is a central part of every training session and warm up.

Some call it keepaway or 4v2, but whatever name you give it, this drill is essential to teams that wish to be better one and two-touch passers.

Set up a a 10x10 grid. Put 1 or 2 players in the middle and play keepaway with the outside players. When you make a mistake and lose possession, you go into the middle.

It doesn’t take much to set this up, but it’s priceless when it comes to preparing your players for the game.

From what we’ve heard from those that frequent Barcelona’s trainings, Messi rarely ends up in the middle as the “piggy.” As expected players like Xavi and Iniesta are also quite proficient at the game. During this time at Barcelona, Ibrahimovic spent and fair amount of time in the middle :) Maybe that’s why he moved on to another team…

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  1. lunga says:

    i’ been a big follower of f.c barcelona for years now and i’m telling that there is nothing best than watching this team play,i dn’t miss their game and i would really love my players to play like barcelona..barca for life

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