Soccer Small-Sided Game – Get Oughta Here!

“Get Oughta Here” is a great way to end practices. This activity lets the players go 2v2 and 1v1 to goal (something all players love to do) Beware, the competition can get fierce! During the game, try to trick players by talking to them while you slowly roll a ball on to the field. You’ll [...]

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Soccer Shooting Drills – Shooting from Distance

As coaches we always have to make sure that we are working on game-like activities. A common drill that we see is players in a line outside the box taking shots on goal. This seriously lacks in imagination! The problem with this is that it’s not realistic. Hardly ever in a game is the ball [...]

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Soccer Set Plays – The Nutmeg Free Kick

Just about every soccer coach out there is looking for more ways to score goals. ¬†Having designed set plays for direct and indirect free kicks is a great chance to position players for the best outcome. There aren’t a lot of set play opportunities each game, but over the course of the season they can [...]

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4v2 Small-Sided Soccer Game – Switching Roles

I’m very excited today to announce the release of a brand new product called the¬†Ultimate Soccer Coaching Clinic — Small-Sided Games. To find out how to get instant access click here <—– [VIDEO] I’ve taken my 20 favorite small-sided games and broken them down for you with over 75 minutes of video instruction. These activities [...]

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Soccer Passing Drills – Combinations with Circle Drills

Coming up with creative passing drills is always hard, so we thought that we would show you one of our favorites. This soccer drill can be run with any age group, and can be modified to fit your teams talent level. This drill is designed to keep your players moving and communicating while they are [...]

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