Blast the Ball – How I fixed my son’s soccer shot

At it’s most basic element, Soccer comes down to putting foot on ball and kicking it where you want it to go. As simple as this sounds, players at all levels battle to overcome poor form and kicking technique.

I have watched players on the youth teams & high school teams that I coached struggle with proper ball striking. There are even players in my adult league that still haven’t fully mastered the fundamental movements of the soccer kick.

These players have learned to get by and adapt by bringing good teamwork, hustle and fitness to the game, but still have a glaring hole in their arsenal.

My son Donovan, struggled with his shot for two years as a young player. He is currently 13 and plays U14 soccer on a travel team in my home town. He is a hard worker and has a very good understanding of the game.

Just knowing where to be on the field and how to move into space has made him an effective soccer player, but his shot never had the umph he wanted.

I watched him over and over and couldn’t quite put my finger on where he was breaking down.

Blast the Ball DVDlIn looking for a solution I came across a DVD called Blast the Ball. I finally sat down and spent some time watching it after having it for several months (yeah I know, I’m a procrastinator).

First off all, it was 2 hours long which really blew me away. I didn’t know there was that much scientific technique to kicking a ball. I always just had good form and a naturally strong leg.

The video broke down the soccer hop, load, impact and follow through in a step by step manner. But here was the real kicker (no pun intended). It provided drills that worked on each specific part of the kicking motion.

It also discussed common technique failures and how to correct. From watching this DVD I was able to pinpoint two problems in Donovan’s form…improper loading technique and a hiccup in his follow through.

I took Donovan down to the soccer field and worked on his kicking motion. We were able to use the drills shown in the DVD and in about 15 minutes had him literally blasting the ball harder than he ever had before.

He was especially excited when he ripped a shot so hard that it knocked his brother’s arm back and zipped into the goal for a score. He had never done that before!!

It took a bit of time to make his kicking stroke second nature and program his muscle memory, but knowing what to do made all the difference.

I’m took these same techniques and applied them to my younger son Deven. He is 10 now and plays for the U11 team at the same club as his older brother.

Not only does he have very pure technique, but he is equally adept with either foot. In fact, he is so confident in his kicking motion that he even took a corner kick lefty last season (and he’s a natural righty).

I’m not usually one to plug somebody else’s product, but if you are a coach, parent or player that is looking to develop an accurate and powerful shot, then you need to take a look at the Blast the Ball DVD.

You can check it out at:

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  1. Seth says:

    I’m having the same problem. Glad to hear there’s a fix.

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  2. kullingtonler says:

    Thanks for the story Coach Bert. I’m looking forward to helping my daughter as well.

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  3. hualdmolsorg says:

    2 hours. That’s a ton of shooting!

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  4. Mike Callahan says:

    I’ve gotten this Video before and I love it! Awesome product.

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  5. piczuarkit says:

    Anybody else have this video? Is it any good?

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  6. Debra Carey says:

    Great blog. Having proper form is so key.

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