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Ultimate Soccer Coaching is dedicated to providing cutting edge coaching tips, drills and activities to help players/coaches improve as rapidly as possible. Below you will find a short introduction from our staff coach…

My name is Sheldon Cipriani, known to my players as Coach Cip. I was born in Trinidad & Tobago and lived there until I was 20 years old. I have now been in the United States for 21 years so I have spent most of my adult life here.

Not only have I been involved with the game of soccer for 29 years, but I also had the privilege of representing Trinidad and Tobago as a player at the youth level. In addition, I played in the First Division National Leagues in Trinidad for the Maple Football Club, Alcons Football Club and the TSTT Football Club.

In 1990 I was awarded a scholarship to play in the United States at Coker College in South Carolina, graduating in 1994. Following my graduation I played brief stints in both professional and semi-professional soccer here in the States.

As a coach, I have been involved with soccer since the age of 21, working in summer camps while in college and coaching a local high school during the spring season each year.

I soon realized there was a significant difference between playing at a high level and teaching kids to play at a high level. The main similarity is that they both take a great deal of training.

After my experiences at summer camps and the local high school, I knew coaching would be my future, so I began to acquire every coaching license available. I now have a FIFA Olympic Solidarity Certificate and have held a USSF “A” License for 8 years. My personal goal is to continually pursue a deeper understanding of the intricate details required to teach, play, and enjoy this beautiful game.

I have been a Director of Coaching for youth clubs for almost 10 years and have coached at the professional, collegiate and high school levels. Currently, I am on the State Staff for the Florida Olympic Development program (ODP), and I have worked with both genders of player.

A number of the players I have coached have moved on to play Division 1 College, professional and international soccer. As a result I feel very confident in the training methodology I have used to develop players over the years.

A common trend I have noted with many players is they are not technically sound enough plus they lack creativity, imagination and game intelligence.

This can be attributed to many factors such as not playing often enough in an informal environment. They also do not view the game at a high level, often because they have been introduced to the game by a parent that has either not played the game or lacks significant coaching education. Winning becomes the sole priority, and player development suffers.

By trying to teach kids to be competitive before teaching them how to play, we lose a large number of players by the time they are 13 or 14 years of age.

This is tragic and doesn’t have to happen. That is why I look forward to sharing many ideas that will allow you to have a very positive impact on the soccer behavior of your young players.

Enjoy the Site!

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