1000 Touch Soccer Workout

Very often our focus in the United States is on speed, agility and power. Watch any ODP tryout and you’ll see the biggest, fastest, and often less technical players chosen. The needle is starting to move a little bit under Jurgen Klinsman with his emphasis on creative soccer, but our players still need work from the ground up.

One of the most important skills that our players can develop is touch. Touch determines what happens when the ball gets to your foot. Picture Messi threading the ball through a cluster of defenders. Is there any doubt that he is completely controlling the ball?

Messi showing perfect control

Here’s a piece of good news for soccer players…touch can be developed ON YOUR OWN. You aren’t dependent on being in a team environment. Have a small area of flat ground and a ball, and you can improve your touch with the right soccer drills and exercises.

I’ve come across a workout called the 1000 touch workout. The activities in this workout are designed to let the player get approx. 1000 touches in just 7 minutes. This is a great warmup for training or games.

You can download this workout from: http://www.walsh.edu/pdf/1000TouchDrills.pdf


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