Soccer Coaching

Achieve Rapid Player Development…

Ciplified Soccer 2.0 is a revolutionary coaching guide designed to help you run fun and effective training sessions that will explode your players' soccer abilities. [...]

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Soccer Training

Increase Your Soccer Skills...

With the Epic Soccer Training program below you'll see the truth about why traditional soccer practices are not helping you become a great soccer player. [...]

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Soccer Drills

Weekly Soccer Practice Sessions...

Get instant access to cutting edge, functional and effective practice session plans. Delivered right to your computer every single week. [...]

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Soccer Shooting

How to Kick a Soccer Ball...

Blast The Ball is a “how to kick a soccer ball” video that was designed for all ages and levels of soccer players. [...]

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Recent Articles

1000 Touch Soccer Workout

Very often our focus in the United States is on speed, agility and power. Watch any ODP tryout and you’ll see the biggest, fastest, and often less technical players chosen. The needle is starting to move a little bit under Jurgen Klinsman with his emphasis on creative soccer, but our players still need work from [...]

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Rondos, Rondos, Rondos – Warming Up Barcelona Style

Ever wonder why Barcelona is so proficient with their passing in tight spaces? A basic exercise called El Rondo (the round) is a central part of every training session and warm up. Some call it keepaway or 4v2, but whatever name you give it, this drill is essential to teams that wish to be better [...]

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Play Tiki Taka Barcelona Style

How beautiful is this to watch! You might be thinking that you need soccer maestros like Messi and Xavi to be able to mimic the precision choreography of the Barcelona passing game. Well, you can bet that having Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas patrolling the midfield does help take the basic principles to unheard of heights, [...]

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Over the break between the Fall and Spring seasons at our club, we had a group of coaches from the Coerver organization come in to run some sessions for our players. The players had a fantastic time, and really benefited from the skill activities that the coaches brought to the table. Watching one of the activities made me think a [...]

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Soccer Team Talk – What Should I Say?

The team talk before the game should reiterate what you want to accomplish. This may differ based on the opponent. You may be able to impose your will on some teams and you may have to make adjustments for other teams from the start. There will also be teams that you match up evenly with, [...]

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